Are you interested in fashion, skydiving, drama, or table tennis? Do you enjoy planning events, writing blogs, or playing sports with friends? With over 100 clubs and organizations, Bentley offers a wide array of opportunities for students to get involved and further pursue various interests they have.  There are always lots of things to do around campus, whether it’s on a weekday or the weekend.

       Every semester Bentley holds an Activities Fair, which takes place on the greenspace (the huge lawn right next to Collins Hall).  All the clubs and organizations set up stands where students can grab some brief information, ask questions, and meet representatives from the organization.  If you’re interested in joining the club or organization, all you have to do is write down your name and email address and the representatives will include you on their email list, so that you can get information about meeting times, etc.

       Going to the activities fair makes it very easy for students to get involved.  My second week on campus after I transferred to Bentley I attended the Activities Fair. It was a great way to learn about the various clubs and organizations on campus and meet new people.  I joined three clubs while I was at the fair: Campus Activities Fair, Bentley Fashion Consultants, and Her Campus. Bentley has a club or organization for almost anything you can think of—even skydiving!  And if for some reason we don’t have a club or organization for an interest of yours, it’s very easy to change that. 

        The Association of Bentley Activities (ABA) is in charge of managing and supporting all the student organizations on campus.  They also help those who are interested in starting new organizations.  This past year my roommate and I thought about how transfer students don’t have a club where other transfers could help each other acclimate to a new school and meet new people.  That’s when we decided to form TAB (transfer activities board), an organization that focuses on helping new and old transfer meet one another and support the transfer community as a whole. ABA has been supporting us the past few months in making TAB a recognized student organization.  We hope to make an appearance at the Activities Fair by this spring and start holding fun events for the entire Bentley community.

       Interested in Greek Life? The Activities Fair is a terrific opportunity to get information about the various sororities and fraternities here at Bentley. Students have the opportunity to meet members and get any information they please. Roughly 14% of students participate in Greek Life.  Joining a sorority or fraternity gives students the opportunity to meet new people and make friendships you’ll have for a lifetime.

       Intramural sports are popular at Bentley as well and are another fantastic opportunity to meet new people. About 70% of Bentley students either join an intramural team or club sport.  Some sports are more competitive than others, but overall it’s a ton a fun. Even if you’ve never played a specific sport before you are still welcome to join an intramural team with a group of friends.  You nominate a captain and normally have a game one or two nights a week.  This is a great option for high school athletes that don’t have the opportunity to play a varsity sport in college, but would love to continue playing their favorite sport. Most of the teams are co-ed, which makes things a lot more entertaining.    

      All in all, there are lots of different opportunities for Bentley students looking to get involved and explore various interests. The best advice I can give (especially to the incoming freshman class) is to not be shy and step out of your comfort zone! Joining a club/organization, Greek Life, athletics/intramurals, leadership programs, etc. enables students to meet new people and keep yourself busy doing things you love.  


One of my favorite things that Bentley offers to students is the shuttle into Harvard Square. The shuttle is a convenient and free option for students who are looking to head into Cambridge or Boston. I have used the shuttle numerous times over the past two years. This past year I even used the shuttle as my transportation to get into Boston for the Red Sox Victory Parade after they won the World Series. Having been a Red Sox fan my entire life, it was exciting to have the opportunity to go to the parade, especially since Bentley is only 9 miles from Boston. The bus shuttle drops students off right near the Red Line Harvard T stop. Hop on the red line and you are less than a 5 minute train ride into the city! Yes, it’s that easy. I love roaming around Harvard Square in Cambridge with friends on the weekends too.  My three roommates and I have made it a tradition to go out to dinner in Harvard Square our last week at school before we head home for the summer.  We always grab a bite to eat at Border Café (an amazing Mexican restaurant), and then go shopping at a few of our favorite stores.  Overall, it’s great that students have access to the shuttle whenever they want to get off campus for a few hours or when they have an internship/job in the Boston area.  I personally love the location of Bentley.  Not many schools provide their students with a beautiful suburban campus while also being nearby a major city that students can easily access.  


During winter break my freshman year I came to the realization that Fairfield University was not the right fit for me. Despite having some amazing friends, whom I still keep in touch with, it never felt like home. When I returned to Fairfield in January I decided to look into transferring to another college. The transfer admission process was extensive compared the application process my senior year. It was difficult keeping up with my work for my challenging college courses while also applying to schools, writing a college essay, supplements, etc. Although it was very stressful at the time, I knew in the long run it would be worth it. I applied to several schools I looked at back when I was in high school, Bentley being one of them. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to revisit schools until classes ended in May and after I sent in my application. When I left Fairfield in May, it was extremely difficult saying goodbye to all of my friends but I knew deep down it was not the right institution for me. It was also nerve-racking leaving Fairfield and not knowing where I would be attending college in the fall.
One of the first schools I visited over the summer was Bentley. It was the one college I applied to that was close to my hometown (Andover) and the first college to accept me as a transfer student. The second I stepped on campus I knew it was a perfect fit. The first thing I loved about Bentley was the proximity to Boston. I wanted a beautiful suburban campus but to also be close to a major city, and Bentley gave me that. My tour guide was very sweet and answered all of my questions about what campus, social life, and academics were like. I could tell that the students here were nice, involved, and determined, which is similar to myself. I could truly see myself fitting in. My tour of Bentley was one of the few schools that mentioned internships and full time jobs, which were important to me since college is an investment after all. The second I heard that the job placement rate reached 95% for the graduating class I knew that Bentley would be the best investment for my family and I. It was apparent that Bentley students balance academics and social life perfectly, just like I wanted.
I continued looking at other colleges I applied to throughout the summer but none of them gave me the warm feeling like I got when I visited Bentley. Finally, after hearing back from all of the schools I applied to, it was an easy decision choosing Bentley. I knew I would feel comfortable at Bentley and that it would prepare me well for my future career in Marketing. After my first full week at Bentley I knew I had made the right decision transferring. My transition to Bentley was smooth thanks to the faculty and students who were very kind and welcoming. Transferring to Bentley was by far the best decision I ever made and the past two years I’ve spent here has truly been amazing.